i've been writing, playing, recording, and producing music in my basement the last few days.
isn't that what everyone does over the holidays?

check out some of the songs on cameron foltz' myspace page. the majority of these were recorded in my basement, and the first two ("friends" and "smells like a rose") are great. we recorded and mixed all this on christmas eve and christmas. i played some glockenspiel on "smells like a rose" and jared smith played drums on both tracks. cameron wrote, sang, and played guitar on each of the tracks.

then we spent roughly 23407 hours mixing remixing leveling compressing fading looping reverbing gating eqing and remixing it all.

i think they're quite nice.
check it out:

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oh! brother.

my reflection in a teapot
wrapped and warped and wider than it should be
his reflection in the rearview eyes set towards dc
and he's moved before but each time i miss him more

little light bulbs reflected through tiny glass beads
there's a little of this light reflected in you and me
when we grew up drifting apart
when the further you moved the more you occupy my heart

there's smoke in the air there's carpet on these chairs
a hookah hose snakes between my toes that point towards capitol hill
exhaust pipe drops hot condensation on the turnpike
tires turn your face to your destination

lungs fill and exhale in lonely exasperation
to say 'what moves you to move away?
what couldn't you find here, what stinging in your ears?'
playing phone tag with opportunity, but she never called me back

i'll see you for the holidays
i'll see you later

one of these days we'll all stop moving away
one of these day's we won't say goodbye, we won't need to cry
but not out of refusal to stain our faces,
oh brother, we won't have to cry
and we won't be reflections, we won't look in mirrors, cause' we'll all face the same way
higher than the washington monument, above all our tears and fearful impoverishment
oh brother, we won't have to cry- oh brother, we won't have to cry
oh brother, we won't have to cry
oh brother, oh brother, we won't have to cry

for my two brothers who moved away this year

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you've gotta make your own kind of music

finger piano. found., originally uploaded by mrpittman.
well first off, i wake every morning these days to my roomate's cell phone playing 'make your own kinda music' by the mama's and the papa's. not a bad way to wake up.

that may be the most apostrophe's i have ever used in a sentence.

aside from that, i have been making a lot of music and will hopefully be taking some time to record as much as possible end of this month, then i can put it up for any willing ears to hear.

i also found this tiny piano.

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