a spoonful of sugar will make your heart race
and just as much hope will break it
because before we knew we wandered bare through the garden
but now we've tasted and we know, and hope there's more than hope

what once was sweetness on our tongues now tastes tart
with the salt and bitterness and tears spent
on sounds not made for whispering but for moving hard past lips
that burn from backfiring words

made happy and then sad
made malleable like seeds and bread
first tossed out and left to die in shallow rows of dirt
then sprout, reborn watered and grown just to be cut down
and ground into dust
pressed thin to be cut again into usable shapes
only to be thrown into the fire!
but you'll rise again
all the little dreams we used to fight to keep
and sleep lost dreaming we would wake up different
only to hear him say 'i don't want the things you're doing
darling i want you-

and i'd take your dreams but they're much too small you see
when i said i wanted you to be like me i also said i love you.
dear i'd dry your eyes but when they blur with tears it's just a reminder
you once were blind but now you see

but you'll rise again
damn right you'll rise again
you'll rise again
damn right you'll rise again

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