so little - milosz.

up against., originally uploaded by mrpittman.
i said so little.
days were short.

short days.
short nights.
short years.
i said so little.
i couldn't keep up.

my heart grew weary
from joy,

the jaws of leviathan
were closing upon me.
naked, i lay on the shores
of desert islands.
the white whale of the world
hauled me down to its pit.

and now I don't know
what in all that was real.

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  1. Debbie November 23, 2008 at 2:37 PM

    just spent an enjoyable hour catching up on your blog. I'd like to be notified when you update, since you're so "sporadic" (does it run in our family blog lines? :))

    Great pictures - Superior writing. If I didn't already love you, I would now.