savannah & bikes

savannah & bikes, originally uploaded by mrpittman.

i'm back from jacksonville, savannah, maggie valley, new york, niagara, ontario, new york, agusta, portland, new york, and savannah.

i don't have any desire to go to new york ever again really. i didn't want to go there in the first place.

savannah wins first city i've stayed in that had no electricity at all
savannah also wins best city ever
new jersey wins worst city that i didn't even stay in
niagara wins the 'why would anyone live here' award
maggie valley wins the most comfy medal of honor

the other cities were good too. i have hundreds of pictures and a stack of polaroids that i will put someplace for people to see... stories from the trip might filter in over a while if i ever write a real update. i was disappointed to have to miss dan and bethany's wedding, really really, but as important as it was there were other priorities.

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