wake up new york
we'll drive five thousand awkward miles
we'll drive until we find your smile

east coast on parade
it's pretty out the window
but beauty in the passenger seat

i came knocking at your door
came throwing rocks at your window
i come kicking down the door now
i come with your smile

sleep tight savannah
wake up more beautiful
always more beautiful

picture of us
far away form home
you shoulder's on mine
but your heads the other way
its a perfect picture
of the way you stand today

so don't sing
because it breaks my heart
to hear your voice
if your not singing about me
and dont pose for my photographs
if you're going to look at him tonight
don't drive me across the country
if you left my heart in tallahassee

we've seen the whole east coast
but the only thing worth packing for
is the thing that hurts me most
i'd rather have you breaking my heart
than have it wholly to myself

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