no response.

trying to get a job is really awful.

i applied for about 35 different positions in or around orlando last week. i've heard back from 3 places, one of which just wanted me to but a timeshare (i don't know about the rest of america, but normally when i am out of money/jobs i don't buy real estate). there are some great opportunities in orlando- for music, for education, and especially for community- but the basics are not falling into place. not for lack of trying. which is the frustrating part.

i've had an excessive amount of time to write new music, which is going well, but i think the frustrations of trying to get a job and move are wearing me out. some days things go well and it's exciting, other days i wonder why i have invested so much effort and money into it.

i don't anticipate making any money off music, i just want to be able to play and record and have things sound the way they ought to. i'd like for the songs i write to impact other people the way my favorite songs effect me.

[photo by whitney brammer]

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