i did it. and i'm glad i did.

aside from doing that, i am searching had for a job in orlando. nothing really at this point but there are a few opportunities i'm interested in and i plan on being annoyingly persistent until one of them works out.

a lot of music going on. i finally have a dedicated practice space so i can play anytime, leave everything set up and not have to worry about it getting moldy, submerged, overheated, or stolen. this is a nice change.

i was able to trade in a giant fancy electronic keyboard i had for a rhodes, a vintage piano that i have been trying to find for three years or so. it sounds and play very nicely. i like playing the piano... so having one of my own is neat.

it looks like this. it's an actual piano, with hammer's and dampers, but instead of hitting strings it hits a special tuning fork inside. it makes a little noise on it's own, but is designed to be plugged in to something to make it louder.

so now i'll be spending a lot of time in my storage unti locked away making pretty music. its been a long road convincing jared that we should make pretty music (as opposed to spastic or creepy) but i think we're well on our way.

i'm excited to see what happens with orlando. lots of possibilities, i just need some of them to work out. our style of music will be fairly unique in orlando with so that should also be interesting to see how it turns out.

i may or may not get around to posting family pictures from our family "staycation." lets be realistic here. i don't post so very often. also there are a million pictures on my mom's blog so they can be seen there just as easily

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